Bridging Loans


There are two main types of bridging loans available:

  • Closed Bridging Loans
  • Open Bridging Loans

Closed Bridging Loans have been appropriately named to their function, because in this case the date for exiting the loan is pre-agreed upon before finalizing the date of repayment of the bridging finance. If you are a homebuyer who has already done an exchange on the sale of their existing property, then you can avail this loan.

If you have already found the property of your dreams, but do not have an exact date to exit the bridging finance since you did not put your existing home on the market, then you should go for an open bridging loan. The standard limit for this type of loan is twelve months. The bank would most likely negotiate an extension if needed as long as you pay the interest during the repayment period and the property has not collapsed.


The sale of a property does not always happen instantly and there might be a delay with the funds. This is when a bridging loan can help with your finances. This loan type is different from a home loan or construction loan. So, before you take the plunge, we advise you to talk to our mortgage brokers who can lead you through the process and make it an easy ride for you.

A mortgage broker will give you invaluable advice while also clearing out your doubts about a bridging loan and its benefits during the process of buying a home.

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