Vehicle Loans

Car ,truck or any vehicles

A mortgage broker will give you invaluable advice while also clearing out your doubts about a vehicle loan and its benefits during the process of buying a asset.

If you are waiting to buy your dream car, whether it is for personal or commercial use and looking to save money on your existing car loan. We’ll find you the best interest rate based on your circumstances.


A hire purchase can be bought on a new business vehicle over fixed term or for hiring over a fixed term to suit your needs.


A lease can be taken out on a new business vehicle as part of a tax-effective salary packaging arrangement for you or your staff. Ownership of the vehicle remains with the lender. Repayments are deducted from you or your employee’s before-tax salary.


A chattel mortgage is another option for financing a new business vehicle. It involves a lender providing you with a loan that is secured against the vehicle via a mortgage.

Like any secured loan, the lender can repossess a vehicle under a chattel mortgage arrangement if you default on your regular loan repayments. When you have repaid the loan in full, the lender releases the mortgage.

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